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The #MTHCON24 programme is live

We proudly present the lineup for the MediaTech Hub Conference 2024

The #MTHCON24 programme provides you with the global industry update on all things MediaTech. Join over 50 international speakers and thought leaders on September 25-26 at Babelsberg Studios as we explore the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in film, TV & streaming!

There could hardly be more challenges for the film, TV and streaming industry than at present: drastically reduced budgets for content creation, collapsing advertising markets, cinema is not (yet) returning to its former strength, business models in streaming are being questioned and new media technologies are constantly unsettling both creatives and management levels. Is it time for a radical pivot? #MTHCON24 explores this very question, presenting solutions from key global industry leaders and companies.

Here are some highlights of #MTHCON24

  • The State of the Media Industry in 2024: Where do we stand, and how can new technologies propel us forward after challenging years?
  • AI Media Disruption: What are the latest AI tools for production, post-production, and distribution? How are they disrupting the future of filmmaking?
  • Next Gen Tech for Streaming: How do innovative technologies meet the audience’s demand for more interactivity, better recommendation, and seamless navigation? How could this lead to promising new business models?
  • Guest of Honour Austria: How has Austria managed to change the game in film production through the new FISAplus funding system?

Day 1: Disrupting Media through User-Centricity and AI

The conference opens with Evan Shapiro sharing his vision on how user-centered approaches are transforming the media landscape and how broadcasters can compete against global tech giants.

At lunchtime on the Expert Stage, top industry figures will address the media landscape’s pressing issues. Renard T. Jenkins (SMPTE President) and Sascha Schwingel (UFA CEO) will explore challenges and how new tech is driving progress. Plus, MovieLabs‘ Raymond Drewry and AWS‘ Katrina King will discuss progress on implementing a key 2019 whitepaper by MovieLabs, examining if workflows are streamlined and how the cloud might shape the future.

Expect in-depth discussions on the role of AI in media production. Ali Shah from the World Economic Forum will delve into the ethical implications and the necessity for a sustainable infrastructure.

Practical sessions by experts from UFA, MOD Tech Labs, and Deeptune will showcase real-world AI applications in production.

  • AI-Generated Scripts: Marc Schwellenbach, Head of Production and Business IT at UFA, will discuss his experiences with AI-generated scripts and audience reception.
  • Optimising 3D Asset Production: Alex Porter, CEO of MOD Tech Labs, will present AI tools that streamline the production of 3D assets and immersive digital content.
  • AI for Synchronization: Tim Lupo, co-founder and CEO of Deeptune, will demonstrate their AI-supported technology for simplifying synchronization processes in films and live broadcasts across multiple languages.

Day 2: Next Gen Viewing Experiences and Interactive AI in Film Production

Day two focuses on next gen viewing experiences and interactive AI applications. Christina Lee Storm (producer and emerging tech expert) and Kemal Görgülü (CTO of ARTE) will introduce the latest technologies enabling immersive experiences, such as the digital ARTE productions „Gloomy Eyes“ and „Battlescar,“ adapted for Apple Vision Pro. In an interactive session, expert Jacques Alomo will guide you through developing an AI-generated film trailer live.

Guest of Honour: Austria – Beyond Beautiful Film Locations

For the second time, Austria will be our Guest of Honour. Discover how the new FISAplus funding system has made the country an attractive production location. Learn about Austria’s film-friendly infrastructure, stunning locations, and the strategies of the Austrian film industry in the Austrian Producers Talk.

Global MediaTech Pitch Day – The Future of Start-ups

The second day of the conference ends with the Global MediaTech Pitch Day. Eight selected start-ups will compete for funding of up to one million euros and the prize of 10,000 euros for the best pitch. Be there when the most innovative ideas take the stage.

Don’t miss this chance to be part of an exciting journey and help shape the future of the media industry. Secure your ticket for the MediaTech Hub Conference 2024 now!

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