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Sustainability is very important to us, which is why we are implementing the following measures for MediaTech Hub Conference 2024:

Domestic travel for speakers

Within Germany, we offer speakers a first-class train ticket if they decide not to travel by air or car.

International travel for speakers

For international speakers, we will provide CO2 compensation for their air travel via Atmosfair. For example, compensation of 87 euros will be invested in climate protection projects via Atmosfair for a flight from New York to Berlin.

Shuttle service

For the conference shuttle service, we will be working with a local partner operating hybrid vehicles that run electrically in Potsdam and Berlin.

Print products

We are committed to the environment and print very few items. Our badges are printed plastic-free on environmentally-friendly paper, and their quantity is limited to the number of actual participants. We also no longer print programme booklets, as our app offers you the best programme overview.


We do not use disposable plates or cutlery for catering.