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10:00 AM – 10:45 AM | Sep 25  |  2024

Expert Stage

Surviving and Thriving in the User-Centric Era  

The user-centric era has changed the very nature of media, compelling both public service and commercial broadcasters to rethink their models, from content commissioning to distribution and monetisation. Corrective measures and collaborations are essential to compete with the deep-pocketed reach of the global tech platforms or ‚Death Stars’. In this user-centric era, more attention than ever is needed on broadcasters’ user interfaces; they must be beautiful, measurable, and targetable. Come hear Evan Shapiro map the media universe and chart clear paths not just for surviving but thriving!  

S: Opening Keynote

Geschützt: Evan Shapiro

Media Universe Cartographer

Geschützt: Kate Bulkley

Expert Stage

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