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3:00 PM – 3:45 PM | Sep 25  |  2024

Expert Stage

Practical AI Tools, PART 1: Script, High-quality 3D Asset Workflows, Dubbing 

From storytelling to production, UFA, MOD Tech Labs, and Deeptune show us how to boost creativity and efficiency using AI. 

UFA has been testing AI-generated scripts with “Unter Uns”, and will report on the reception by audiences, giving us a look into the numbers and their future plans. 

MOD Tech Lab creates tools that use AI and ML to streamline the production of 3D assets and immersive digital content for industries like film, gaming, and virtual reality. Their technology simplifies complex workflows, making it easier for creators to produce high-quality visual effects and virtual environments efficiently.  

Deeptune specialises in AI-powered audiovisual dubbing technology, providing tools for creating high-quality, lip-synced dubs in multiple languages. Their platform supports the entire dubbing process, including transcription, translation, editing, and synchronization, making it more efficient for creators, studios, and distributors to produce authentic dubs for films and live broadcasts. 

S: Practical AI Tools, PART 1: Script, High-quality 3D Asset Workflows, Dubbing

Geschützt: Marc Schwellenbach

Head Of Production & Business IT

Geschützt: Alex Porter

Mood Tech Labs

Geschützt: Tim Lupo

Co-Founder & CEO

Geschützt: Kate Bulkley

Expert Stage