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2:00 PM – 2:45 PM | Sep 26  |  2024

Expert Stage

Fulfilling Audience Needs: Viewer-centered Streaming Products

Aggregation of content. More interactivity and explorative exploration with the content. Better search results. Intuitive UX… Viewers have a long list of wishes for streaming apps – and it is precisely these wishes that streaming services are currently placing at the centre of their services.

What can this look like? We discuss experiences from the UK, look at one of the most aggregating streaming providers in Germany and include manufacturers of big screen devices and their visions for the UX of the future.

S: Fulfilling Audience Needs: viewer-centered streaming products

Geschützt: Hannah Reuter

Head of Growth & Monetization
Seven.One Entertainment Group

Geschützt: Paul Kane

Director of Technology, Partnerships and Distribution
ITV plc

Geschützt: Kate Bulkley

Expert Stage