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For the second time, we are hosting the Global MediaTech Pitch Day at #MTHCON! On Sep 26, our partner Raw Ventures is giving groundbreaking ventures the chance to move the industry forward. Alongside a jury and other investors, the European venture capital fund will give 8 selected startups the opportunity to pitch in front of the #MTHCON audience and receive up to €1 million funding as well as prizes.

Do you work in a field related to media markets? Does your project have what it takes to disrupt MediaTech industry?

Apply to the Global MediaTech Pitch Day and you will have the chance to pitch your idea in front of investors, MediaTech industry experts, and potential clients. Don’t miss the opportunity to bring your vision to life and to connect with top MediaTech accelerators, investors, and industry leaders, as well as raise up to €1 millon in capital.

Prize, Funding and Opportunities seized

The best presentation will be honoured with prize money of 10,000 euros. All participants also have the chance to receive funding of up to one million euros from Raw Ventures and other investors. The investment amount depends on the market, the business model and the stage of development of the winning start-up. Raw Ventures’ investment proposition extends beyond the Global Mediatech Pitch Day. The venture capital fund aims to invest in 20-30% of the start-ups that complete the programme. 

Last year’s winner, UK-based Setmixer, has secured $760,000 in funding following a pilot programme in 2023. 

Whether through the Global Mediatech Pitch Day or ongoing investment opportunities, the fund stands as a beacon of support and innovation. The call is clear: seize the opportunity, redefine media, and shape the future by joining Global MediaTech Pitch Day at MediaTech Hub Conference.

Apply Now and Receive Exclusive Opportunites

The Global MediaTech Pitch Day is part of a larger investment programme of Raw Ventures. From online pitch training sessions to in-person networking opportunities with MediaTech accelerators, investors, and industry giants such as Nvidia, Netflix, and Paramount, the journey is designed to propel startups forward.  

Startups can apply for monthly online pitching sessions to receive valuable feedback and improve their pitch. This could be a boost to their chances of securing investment. They are invited to join Raw Vetnures MediaTech community on LinkedIn as well.

The application journey culminates in the Global MediaTech Pitch Day, an event that bridges promising startups with investors and industry leaders, hosted at #MTHCON on September 26th.  

Focus Areas

Startups worldwide, irrespective of their stage, can apply for funding. With a focus on media markets encompassing production, distribution, marketing, and more, we seek ventures leveraging technologies like AI, VR/AR, Metaverse, and Web 3.0 to redefine the media landscape.

So, take your notes:

Startups have a chance to … 

… raise up to €1,000,000 from Raw Ventures 

… get €10,000 for the best pitch 

… visit the Babelsberg studio as a finalist (travel expenses covered by organizers) 

… pitch their project to potential investors and industry leaders 

… meet industry leaders and potential clients to develop new partnerships 

… join  the mediatech funding proposition as well as network of top mentors, advisors, and mediatech accelerators

Please submit your application before May 31st to enhance your chances. A second, extended deadline is set for July 14th.

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