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Sep 27  |  2023

Expert Stage

#MTHCON23 brand eins opening talk: Transforming an Industry

Broadcasters are becoming streaming platforms. What was long seen as an add-on business is now a must for traditional TV stations. And they are increasingly beginning to compete with the established streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, Disney and others. But for broadcasters this means an enormous transformation process: technologically, in terms of content, business-wise and also on the human side. The entire supply chain is being transformed, employees have to throw decades of certainties overboard.

Discussing these seismic changes will be Mark Harrison, one of the top experts in the industry and CEO of the internationally active Digital Production Partnership (DPP) and Laura Jenner, Product Lead at ITVX, the streaming platform of Britain’s largest private TV broadcaster launched at the end of last year. This opening talk will be moderated by Holger Volland, CEO of brand eins, Germany’s well-known business magazine.


Mark Harrison

Laura Jenner
Director of Product, Content Supply / ITV


Holger Volland
brand eins Medien AG

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