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The #MTHCON24 Experience

#MTHCON24 takes place at the iconic Studio Babelsberg (Berlin) – Europe’s Hollywood and Innovation Hub for MediaTech. The conference showcases captivating keynotes, inspiring panel discussions, and interactive workshops with a practical approach. Meet over 50 expert speakers from around the globe and enjoy numerous networking opportunities. Be part of one of the most innovative MediaTech communities worldwide.

#MTHCON24 invites creatives, technologists and decision-makers in the film industry to dive into the newest MediaTech trends for film, TV, and streaming. We are a boutique conference with a personal touch, a unique location, and an international focus.

Expert Stage

Get your annual MediaTech update for the global film, TV, and streaming industry at our Expert Stage, moderated by tech journalist and media commentator Kate Bulkley. Our Expert Stage is set right at the Cinema of Rotor Film, a leading post-production venue.

Horizon Stage

Explore innovative startups at the Global MediaTech Pitch Day, meet our #MTHCON24 Guest of Honour, produce your own AI-generated film, and discuss MediaTech for journalism at the Horizon Stage, located in the cinema of the


Look forward to the various networking events we have planned for you! Among them are: Babelsberg Open Doors, workshops, Meet the Speakers Breakfast, AND a concert by the German Film Orchestra Babelsberg followed by a drinks reception!

  • Beschreibung 1 Surviving & Thriving in the User-Centric Era

Explore how the user-centric era is transforming media landscapes, urging broadcasters to innovate in content creation, distribution, and audience engagement. Join Evan Shapiro as he maps strategies to thrive amid global tech competition, shaping a resilient future. 

Evan Shapiro | eshap

SEP 25 | 10AM
Expert Stage

  • Beschreibung 1 The Global Industry Update

Pandemic, writers strike, subscription churn, the rise of AI, new business models: the last months and years have been quite disruptive for our Industry. So, where does our Industry stand in 2024? Some of the major global industry leaders and companies share their insights.

SEP 25 | 11AM
Expert Stage

  • Beschreibung 1 AI in the Media Industry: Dimensions to Consider & Ethical Development

How can the industry meet demands for the protection of intellectual property, protecting actors from being replaced illegally by AI, and developing sustainable infrastructure? In this keynote, followed by an AMA, Ali Shah, Global Managing Director for Responsible AI at Accenture, formerly with the BBC, Executive Fellow at the World Economic Forum and a member of the Board at the Ada Lovelace Institute, will guide us through the current AI landscape in a multilayered conversation on production, technology, society, regulation and law. 

SEP 25 | 2PM
Expert Stage

  • Beschreibung 1 Interactive Streaming: New Tech, New Revenue – but how?

New ways to interact with content can provide new revenue streams for the industry – happening through data, recommendation systems, targeted ads and more – just ask social media. 

SEP 26 | 3PM
Expert Stage

  • Beschreibung 1 Producing in an Ever-evolving, AI-driven Media Industry

The last decade has transformed the way we produce films several times over – from virtual production and immersive technologies to AI, which is now permeating every stage of film production. How can the industry stay on top of these changes? How can producers and studios harness the ever-evolving tech scene to deliver Next Gen Viewing Experiences to audiences? 

SEP 26 | 11AM
Expert Stage

Selected Speaker

Geschützt: Evan Shapiro

Evan Shapiro

Media Cartographer

Geschützt: Katrina King

Katrina King

Global Strategy Leader
Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Geschützt: Raymond Drewry

Raymond Drewry

VP EMEA Operations

Geschützt: Alex Porter

Alex Porter

Mood Tech Labs

Geschützt: Pirita Pyykkönen-Klauck

Pirita Pyykkönen-Klauck

ZDF Sparks

Geschützt: Michael Cioni

Michael Cioni

CEO & Founder

Geschützt: Hannah Reuter

Hannah Reuter

Head of Growth & Monetization
Seven.One Entertainment Group

Geschützt: Max Wiedemann

Max Wiedemann

Wiedemann & Berg


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